Success is based on partnerships from the very beginning.

Bill Gates

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The South Park Referral Partners is deeply saddened by the loss of  our Vice President, Doug Dickison of Eagle Eye Insurance. He was vibrant, humble, giving and an integral member of our SPRP family who will be deeply missed.  Doug ended his battle with cancer on Tuesday, August 6th 2013.  He contributed to the community in a meaningful way and was one of the cornerstone members of our group.  It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to our Vice-President and our friend, Doug Dickison. May he rest in peace.

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Benefits of Membership

In a robust business community like Charlotte, there are many networking opportunities available to a business owner.  Each group brings with it a culture and a personality. South Park Referral Partners is a defined by its community approach to networking and referring leads.

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Our Members

At South Park Referral Partners, we pride ourselves on building a group of professionals who adhere to high ethical standards, professionalism and understand the need for contributing to the community.  Each member has a link to his or her company’s website and contact information available on his or her profile.

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